Setting Up a HACCP Certified Cashew Processing Plant

HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, and it is a systematic preventive approach to food safety. It is intended to identify potential food safety issues and offer solutions for preventing or minimizing the likelihood of occurrence. Cashew Processing Industry follows Food Safety Management Systems (FSMS) that are applicable to cashew processing are HACCP, ISO 22000, BRC, and the ACA Seal.

The cashew processing industry has adopted the HACCP system as an efficient method for managing food safety concerns. HACCP’s principal goal is to ensure that no dangerous foods are produced or consumed.

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The HACCP framework is made up of seven major components. They are as follows:

– Hazard Analysis

– Control Measures

– Critical Limits

– Monitoring Procedures

– Corrective Actions

– Verification Procedures

– Record Keeping Procedures.

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Importance Of HACCP in Cashew Processing Business

Cashew kernels packed and delivered to the customers should be free of harmful chemical, pesticides and any foreign and harmful particles. The inclusion of foreign items in packed cashew nuts is the greatest safety issue in the cashew industry. These could be worker hairs, nails, metal and glass fragments, and so on. This has caused grave anxiety among major cashew sector players. These risks can be reduced by following HACCP protocols in your cashew processing factory.

Pre-cautions in Nut Processing Business

HACCP identifies and manages biological, chemical, and physical risks in a food-processing environment to reduce the risk of aflatoxin contamination. The procedure takes into account a number of criteria. The entire facility must adhere to a standard operating procedure, which includes proper cleaning, storage, and handling.

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List of Cashew Nut Processing Facilities HACCP Certification Agencies

Here is a list of few of the agencies which will do HACCP Certiifcation for your cashew nut processing facilities, plants and factories… recommends for getting the right Certification chapter and information.

Basic elements of implementing HACCP in Cashew Processing Units.

The following actions must be taken in order to create a HACCP-compliant hygienic cashew processing factory. They are as follows: the manufacturing process, fumigation, and packaging.

After harvesting the raw cashew, it must be processed promptly after sun-drying. It must be stored in a clean, sanitary, and regulated environment after processing. Raw cashew nuts are sun-dried throughout the processing stage before being traded and packaged. Cleaning all equipment, drying surfaces, personnel apparel, and storage rooms are among the measures taken. The processing unit’s location should be strategic. The availability of labor and a ready market are critical prerequisites for establishing a cashew processing business. Furthermore, the availability of cheap labor is crucial.

All of these elements should be included in the documented HACCP Plan. Finally, it is critical to guarantee that the product is preserved under sanitary conditions.

When opting to establish a HACCP-certified cashew processing factory, a draft must be submitted to the Food and Drug Administration for approval

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Precautions to maintain safety and hygiene in Cashew Processing Factory

In a cashew processing factory, to maintain safety and hygiene, following basic procedures and machines can be used:

Gravity machines that remove stone and glass, a metal detector that removes metallic bits, and X-ray machines that eliminate any other physical hazard that may have escaped the gravity machines and metal detectors detect physical hazards.

For biological threats, contact surfaces can be cleaned with ethanol (94.6 percent) before work begins on a daily basis.

Drops of phenolphthalein can be used to check if the space and products are free of Sodium Hydroxide to control chemical contamination (NaOH).

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