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Making Cashew Kernels crispy, crunchy, tasty and hygenic by roasting them with skin on.

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    ETasty and healthy roasted kernels

    Cashew Nut Roasting Machine

    We offer Cashew Nut Roasting Machine with multiple fuel options of electricity, Gas and Wood.

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    Full Stainless Steel Body

    Cashew Kernels can be roasted with skin or without skin as per requirement of cashew processor..

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    Multiple Fuel options

    Salt is used for even roasting of the Cashew Kernels. No burn marks on the cashew kernel.

    Easy Operation Systems

    Easy to operate and control products, Safety in use and high economic efficiency.
    Roasting Machine can be used for roasting other products such as peanuts and almonds too

    Nuts Roasting Machine

    This roasting machine is designed to roast cashew nuts at a high temperature and give them a perfect golden brown color. It has an open-air design that allows the delicious roasted smell of the nuts to waft through your mind and entices you to buy more.

    Cashew Kernels Different Type Roasting Machine

    Batch Type Nut Roasting Machine

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    The roasting machine is an automated machine that has the capacity to produce the best cashew Kernels for your table top snack. It’s designed in order to achieve consistency and control over the entire process of cashew nuts roasting. Capacity 50 Kg / 70 kg / 100 Kg Per Batch. Salt to Kernel Proportion 60/40%

    Continuous Tunnel Type Roaster

    Continuous Conveyor NO Salt Roasting Machine

    The continuous nuts roasting process makes it possible to automate the process of roasting nuts. This is an innovation that has increased the rate at which the roasted food can be processed. Heat can be provided via Gas or Electric Heaters. Capacity: 40-60 Kg Per Hour

    Our roasting machines are capable of producing a consistent product with minimal wastage, and it has increased production levels by up to four times compared to traditional methods. The equipment needed for this procedure are readily available, and they are easy to operate. #drum #roaster #frying #roasted

    Nuts Roasting Machine

    Vidoes - Roasting Nuts

    Roasted Unsalted Cashews using our Innovative continuous tunnel Cashew Roasting machine, which roasts cashew nuts without use of Salt.

    Healthy and Tasty Nuts

    Different Flavours of Roasted Nuts

    Roasted nuts are a healthy, tasty snack that can also be high in calories. The different flavors of roasted nuts are often mixed with the type of nut that is being roasted. Popular varieties include hazelnuts, pecans, almonds, cashews and walnuts.

    Honey roasted cashews

    Coconut toasted cashews

    Rosemary salted cashew nuts

    Honey roasted cashew nuts

    Ina garten rosemary cashews

    Spicy roasted cashews

    Cinnamon roasted cashews

    Sesame honey cashews

    Wood fire roasted cashews

    Roast cashew in air fryer

    Honey glazed cashew

    Honey coated cashews

    World Of Nuts

    Different Types of Nuts

    Brazil nuts
    Cashew nuts
    Pine nuts

    World Of Nuts

    Peanuts Roasting Machine

    Our Roasting Machine can be additional used to roast Almonds, Peanuts, Pistachios, Brazil Nut etc Different types of Seeds apart from Cashew Nuts.

    Roasted and salted cashews are most popular type of value added cashew nuts.

    Roasted cashew healthy for people with heart conditions.

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