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Cashew peeling machine is a machine that is used to peel the skin of the cashew kernels also called as testa.

Cashew Nut Peeling Machine
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    Cashew Peeling Machine

    Cashew peeling machine is a machine that is used to peel the skin of the cashew kernels also called as testa.

    The cashew peeling machine has the following features:

    -It removes the outer layer of skin from the cashew nut.

    -It does not damage or break any of the nuts inside.

    -It is easy and safe to operate.

    -It can peel up to 100 Kg to 400 Kgs of Kernel per hour.

    Cashew Kernel Peeling Process

    Cashew Peeling process begins with removing the shell, which is composed of three layers: an outer shell, a thick skin, and an interior seed layer. The outer shell can be removed by hand or with the help of a shelling machine. The skin of the nut is then removed using either water or oil-based chemicals. This can be done manually by soaking and scraping, or with machines that use tumbling drums at high speeds to remove the skins.

    Cashew kernels after drying and humidification are to the Cashew  peeling machine, which consists effectively of 2 sections, a mechanical scrubber and a pneumatic section. In the Mechanical scrubber sections, the kernels are rubbed between a rotating drum and a steel brush. This helps to loosen the testa of the kernels. in the pneumatic section, high pressure air is blown over the kernels and already loosened skin comes out easily which is collected in the air bags using air pressure. The air pressure is generated using a air compressor. We discuss separately about in next section. 

    cashew peeling machine

    Automatic Cashew Peeling Machine and Cashew Processing Machinery

    Automatic cashew peeling machine uses a fully atomized system to remove the skin of the cashew kernels with minimum breakage  and is today the mostly widely used method for peeling by cashew nut processors.

    Prior to Peeling Cashews A Drying Chamber is used to dry the kernels. Generally, drying programs are set up so that the kernels from one day’s shelling go right into the oven for overnight drying. Dried kernels are the most vulnerable since they are brittle and quickly break. It is critical that the kernels be handled with care in order to avoid damage. 

    After drying, we add moisture to the cashew kernels, which reduces brittleness and makes it easier to remove the skin with a lower cracked percentage. The testa is weakly linked to the kernel during Humidification, albeit a few kernels may have previously lost the testa during previous processes.

    cashew peeling machine price

    The peeling machine is the tool used to peel the cashew nut. It can be used to remove the peel of the cashew nut or the shell of other nuts, among other things. A peeling machine has a revolving drum with an abrasive surface that revolves at high speeds and is pressed against by a curved blade. Because the drum is positioned on a stand, it can revolve in all directions. This enables you to peel nuts of any size or shape without causing damage to them.

    Cashew Peeling Machine Price

    The cashew nut peeler may split the peeled kernels into different grades. The kernels are divided into white wholes, burned wholes, white pieces, scorched pieces, browns, and waste at the most basic level. More experienced graders can divide the kernels into more categories. Grading should be done at the same time as peeling because it reduces handling of the brittle kernels. There is, however, the possibility of further grading after peeling.

    Peeling Machine Price depends on the capacity and the technology it uses.  Vietnam produces the most advanced and high capacity cashew nut peelers today. Our peeling Machines are reliable, efficient and easy to operate. Our peeling machines keep the broken percentage lower as compared to Indian machines and at the same time offer higher production.

    It is critical that the peelers work in well-lit environments in order to remove the complete testa. The extracted testa is winnowed and all cashew bits are eliminated at the end of the day. The dust and very fine fragments that cannot be peeled, as well as the infected pieces, are categorized as trash and discarded. Browns, which are badly sick kernels that were not separated out during the shelling process, must also be removed and thrown.

    small cashew peeling machine

    Cashew Peeling Machine Manufacturers

    Even though there are many small to medium cashew peeling machine manufacturers in Vietnam and India, We are one of the biggest and reputed manufacturers of the cashew peeling machines. We have exported our peeling machines to many countries like Brasil, India, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Cote D’Ivoire, Ghana, Gambia, Senegal, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh etc.

    We offer free spares parts and support throughout the machine life as and when needed. Every machine before dispatch is built operated and given trial run at our factory premises before dispatching to the customer. We support with remote installation and training.

    Strict hygiene is required in the peeling operation, not only in the peeling room and its facilities, but also by all workers. Before handling the kernels, all staff must observe basic hygiene rules and wash their hands.

    Peeling automated procedures differ greatly. They comprise air blasting, suction, a freezing action, and a rubber roller mechanism. Recent research and development has contributed to the practicality of mechanizing this operation.

    After peeling, the kernels are weighed to keep track of daily output. Peeled kernels are susceptible to insect invasion and mold growth. They are also vulnerable to mouse infestation and should be housed in rodent-proof containers or rooms.

    cashew peeling machine price
    cashew peeling machine price in india

    Cashew Peeling Machine Compressor

    Peeling machine compressor is an essential component of a good and efficient peeling machine. It helps to remove the cashew kernel skin using pneumatic air pressure without causing damage to the kernels. Capacity of the Air compressore depends on the caapcity of the  cashew nut peeling machine. for a 100 kg air compressor we need a 30 HP and 100 HP for a 350/400 Kg per hour peeling machine. 

    Without air compressor also a peeling machine can run, but it is inefficient and much of the peel remains on the kernel. So, it is advisable to use run a peeling machine with efficient air compressor for optimum performance.

    Cashew Peeling Machine Compressor
    Cashew Peeling Machine Compressor

    Strict hygiene is required in the peeling operation, not only in the peeling room and its facilities, but also by all workers. Before handling the kernels, all staff must observe basic hygiene rules and wash their hands.

    How cashew peeling machine works ?

    The cashew peeling machine works by a mechanical spinning drum and pneumatic air pressure generated by an air compressor. Though in reality, peeling techniques differ significantly by country of origin. Indian machineries are much different from Vietnamese peeling machines. They are compact, inexpensive, and inefficient. Vietnam machines are more expensive, but they have greater capacity and efficiency.

    A cashew peeling machine will typically contain air blasting, suction, a freezing action, and a rubber roller system. These technologies are highly efficient as a result of ongoing research and development conducted in collaboration with cashew processing facility operators. Inefficient and inexpensive machinery might have a breakage rate of up to 30%. Therefore, exercise caution when selecting peeling equipment.

    Cashew Peeling Knife

    Peeling Machines for every capacity.

    – Capacity : 100-150 kg/h
    – Air Compresor:30 HP

    – Capacity : 200-250 kg/h
    – Air Compressor: 50 HP

    – Capacity : 250-300 kg/h
    – Air Compressor: 75 HP

    – Capacity : 300-350 kg/h
    -Air Compressor: 100 HP

    nut peeling machine

    Manual Cashew Peeling

    Manual peeling is done by gently stroking the cashew nut skin with the fingers. A bamboo knife is used to remove the portions that are still attached to the kernel. A single person may peel 10 to 12 kilogram of kernels each day.

    It is critical that the kernels are not damaged or cut during the peeling procedure. The use of blades increases the likelihood of kernel injury, but it is also critical to remove all of the testa. The best approach to remove the testa is to gently scrape it away with a blunt knife.

    cashew peeling knife

    A peeler can be used to divide peeled kernels into different grades. The kernels are divided into white wholes, burned wholes, white pieces, scorched pieces, browns, and waste at the most basic level. More experienced graders, on the other hand, can split the kernel into a greater number of categories. Grading should be done at the same time as peeling to reduce the amount of time spent handling the brittle kernels. However, there is the possibility of further grading after peeling.

    Re-Peeling Conveyor for Cashew Nuts

    Cashew Peeling Machine operate with the following effeciency:

    – Percentage of white wholes: 80-85%.
    – Broken rate: <10% .( if done well before peeling stages as drying and rewetting, the rate will be lower )

    So, for the part which remains unpeeled, it needs to be done manually. We provide re-peeling conveyors for this purpose. Its comes with a food grade belt, a steel frame and lights to increase visibility and effecieny. 

    re-peeling conveyor for cashew nuts

    Best Cashew Nut Peeling Machine

    We offer the best Cashew Nut Peeling Machine at affordable price and unbeatable after sales support. Every provide every capacity to meet a small to big cashew processor. Feel free to contact us for the Product Brochure or to get a latest price.

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    cashew nut processing plant and machine 1

    Machine removed Cashew Testa Uses

    The skin of cashews is called as cashew tests has numerous uses and is a byproduct of the cashew manufacturing process. Cashew skin is edible and can be used in a variety of ways. It can be eaten as a snack or added to recipes like curries and rice. Cashew skin is also used to make cosmetics, traditional remedies, and other items. Cashews are collected and processed from the cashew apple to remove the nut. The cashew skin that remains is dried and used to make a variety of items. Machine cashew.

    cashew tests uses

    Cashew skin can be used as a raw material to make cellulose, which can subsequently be used to make paper or as an addition in animal feed. It can also be made into gluten-free flour, noodles, and noodles wrappers.
    Because of its great nutritional content, cashew skin is increasingly being used in food processing. Cashews are high in protein and contain all nine necessary amino acids, making them an excellent source of protein for vegetarians and vegans who wish to augment their protein intake without eating meat. Machine cashew.

    Cashew Processing Machine

    We supply individual cashew nut processing machines as well as turnkey solutions including design, plants layout and take care of every aspect of cashew nut processing. All our cashew machines are built to meet latest cashew processing technology standards while being the most competitive price for machine cashew nut. Machine cashew.

    Peeling Machine from Cashew Technology Leaders.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Cashew processing is a low-cost business opportunity in the food industry. It is a profitable enterprise that is expanding globally.

    Cashew processing is a lucrative business. It can be a profitable business if you have the right knowledge and expertise.

    Skin on cashew kernels also called as testa is peeled off using a peeling machine. 5% which cannot be removed by the machine is removed manual using a special blade.

    During cashew nut processing, the kernel is removed from the shell and the inside is stripped away. The shell is usually split by hand or a mechanical shelling machine. A specialized knife is used to remove the inner kernel. The shell is then cleaned of any debris, but the core is kept as cashew pieces.

    The Benefits of a Cashew Peeling Machine

    Having a cashew peeling machine is important for anyone who is involved in processing cashew nuts. It removes the outer layer of the cashew nut which can be used as a raw material for making cellulose. It is highly efficient and is capable of producing a 98% peeling rate. It requires a well-lit environment to be operated properly.

    It removes the outer layer of skin from the cashew nut

    Using a cashew peeling machine is one way to remove the outer layer of skin from cashew nuts. This process is done with a specially designed machine that can peel any size of nut. This type of machine uses an abrasive surface that revolves at high speeds. This type of machine is able to remove the skin from cashew kernels in a very efficient manner.

    Cashew peeling machines are used in nut processing plants. The machines can peel 100 Kg to 400 Kg of kernels per hour. This machine is corrosion-resistant and easy to operate. It can be used to peel dry or roasted nuts.

    The outer shell of cashew nuts has a flammable liquid called CNSL. If the shell is broken or damaged, this liquid may become dangerous. This liquid has been investigated for therapeutic use. The liquid can also be hazardous if it is handled improperly.

    The cashew nut shell is made of three layers: an outer hard shell, an inner soft shell, and a layer of skin that is attached to the interior seed. This thin layer is usually darker in color than the rest of the nut.

    The inner shell is not acidic and does not contain any harmful oils. The skin is a good source of protein and nutritional content. Cashew skin can also be used for cellulose, which can be used to make paper. It can also be used to make noodles wrappers. This skin can also be used for gluten-free flour.

    Before processing cashews, the kernels are usually dried and humidified. The moisture reduces the brittleness of the cashew kernels and makes them easier to peel.

    It has high peeling rate of 98% and low damage

    Suitable for peeling cashew kernels, peanuts, garlic, and pine nuts, the peeling machine uses pneumatic pressure and dry principle. The machine has automatic feeding device, and it can separate the skin and kernel automatically. It also has a special design to ensure pollution free production.

    The machine has a capacity of up to 350/400 kg per hour. Depending on the capacity of the cashew peeling machine, an air compressor can be added. The cashew kernels are rubbed between the rotating drum and steel brush. It also uses a mechanical scrubber to loosen the testa of kernels. The curved blade presses against the drum, and the skin is then removed.

    Cashew peeling machine is widely used in vegetable processing industry, food processing industry, mine factories, fair markets, and other areas. It is designed with high efficiency and easy operation. It is suitable for single operation or complete production line. It also has low damage ratio and high peeling rate.

    Cashew peeling machine uses a special design to ensure pollution free production. It has a powerful airflow to form a cyclone, and the abrasive surface of the drum can peel nuts of any size.

    Cashew peeling machine is designed to peel all cashew kernels at once. It can peel dry or roasted nuts. It has a high peeling rate, which is 98%. The machine is corrosion resistant, and can be used in various nut processing industries. The machine is easy to maintain. It is suitable for single operation or complete cashew processing production line. It is also suitable for various other nuts.

    Cashew peeling machine is made of high quality stainless steel. The parts that touch food are also stainless steel.

    It can be used as a raw material for making cellulose

    Various plant raw materials are used to produce cellulose fibers. Generally, cellulose fibers are long stapled products. Generally, cellulose fibers are used in paper production. They are used to make paper products and cardboard packaging.

    In the process of making cellulose, plant ingredients are mixed with additives. The additives are fixed on the surface of the cellulose component by a cross-linking procedure. Generally, the particle size of the additive is much smaller than that of the cellulose component.

    Cellulose is the most abundant bio-polymer on the earth. It is an important ingredient in animal feed and paper production. It has been used for thousands of years. Generally, it is extracted as 20-40 um thick fibers. It can be processed into functional nanoparticles.

    To enhance the whiteness of cellulose fibers, optical brighteners are usually used. These additives can reduce the b* value. These additives can also be used in the manufacturing process of paper. They can improve the brightness values and the paper can be reformulated in terms of light fastness.

    The additives used for paper production are generally bound on the surface of the cellulose component. These additives can be used in liquid substrates or in conjunction with optical brighteners. Generally, the mass ratio of the additive to the cellulose component should be between two and ten.

    A cellulose component is usually based on microcrystalline cellulose. It contains albumen and lignin. Generally, the particle size of the cellulose component is 0.1 mm or smaller. Besides cellulose, other plant ingredients can be added. These plant ingredients may include cellulose, starch, wood chips, and various impurities. These plant ingredients can be used to increase the strength of the paper or reduce dusting out of the paper.

    It is highly efficient

    Using a cashew peeling machine is not only a cost-effective solution to a variety of nut and seed processing issues, but it also offers a number of benefits. These include increased productivity, fewer human errors, and consistent performance.

    With a cashew peeling machine, the skin is removed in a single operation. This process is done using water-based chemicals and oil-based chemicals. It is a safe and simple operation.

    In addition, a cashew peeling machine is easy to operate. The machine has a pneumatic air pressure that removes the skin of the cashew kernel. The machine is also equipped with a temperature control device. This allows the machine to peel the nut at a rate of 100 kg to 400 kg of kernels per hour.

    Another important advantage of the machine is its high output. A single operator can peel up to 12 kilograms of kernels per day. The machine can also peel different sizes of cashew nuts. The output can also be customized to meet a variety of output requirements.

    The machine also has a low breakage rate. The drum rotates at high speeds and can peel any shaped nut. The abrasive surface can peel any shape.

    The machine also has a food grade belt and lights. It has an intelligent ejection system that diverts defective product into the reject chute. This is especially important because the quality of the product can determine its marketability.

    The machine uses a patented Biometric Signature Identification (BSI+) technology. This means that it can detect structural, biological, and insect damage. It can also separate cashew kernels from loose shells.

    It is a wise investment to invest in a machine that can improve product quality and commercial competitiveness. To get the best results from the machine, it is important to invest in first-rate training.

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