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Our cashew harvesting machine is the perfect solution for harvesting cashews with efficiency and accuracy. Our innovative technology guarantees maximum yield, minimized damage, and reduced labor costs. Get the most out of your harvest with our reliable and efficient Cashew Harvesting Machine

Cashew Harvesting Machine

– Productivity: 250kg/h
– Installation size (LxWxH): 1200x800x1350 (mm)
– Fuel: the engine runs on petrol
– Easy to move on the field.
cashew harvesting machine
Cashew Harvesting Machine

Harvesting machine :

Currently, there are no specific harvesting machines designed exclusively for cashew nuts. Unlike some other crops, cashew nut harvesting is predominantly done manually due to the unique nature of the cashew tree and the way its fruits grow. However, there are some mechanized tools and equipment that can assist in the harvesting process. Here are a few examples:

Cashew Nut Shaking Machine: This type of machine is designed to shake the branches of the cashew tree, causing the ripe cashew nuts to fall to the ground. It typically consists of a mechanical shaker that is attached to the tree trunk or branches, and it is operated manually or with the help of a power source.

Cashew Nut Collection Tools: Once the cashew nuts have fallen to the ground, various tools can be used for efficient collection. Long poles with hooks or rakes can be used to gather the nuts from the ground without the need for manual picking. These tools can speed up the collection process and reduce labor requirements.

De-husking Machines: After the cashew nuts are collected, the outer shell, known as the cashew apple or drupe, needs to be removed. De-husking machines are available that can help remove the outer shell, making the nuts ready for further processing. These machines typically work by applying pressure to crack the shell, allowing for easier separation of the kernel.

Agricultural Machinery: While not specific to cashew nuts, general-purpose agricultural machinery such as tractors or loaders can be utilized to transport harvested cashew nuts from the field to the processing facility. These machines can handle large quantities and reduce the physical effort required for manual transportation.

It’s important to note that the majority of cashew nut harvesting is still done manually, as it requires careful handling to avoid damaging the cashew apples and nuts. Manual harvesting also allows for better selection of ripe cashew nuts and reduces the risk of collecting immature or damaged nuts.

The development of specialized cashew nut harvesting machines is an area of ongoing research and innovation. As technology advances, there may be future advancements in the mechanization of cashew nut harvesting, but currently, manual labor remains the predominant method.

Harvester machine :

Cashew nut fruit separator is a part of the cashew harvesting process. While the actual harvesting of cashew nuts involves the collection of the entire cashew fruit, including the outer shell (cashew apple or drupe), the separation of the cashew nut from the fruit is an important step in the harvesting and processing chain.

The cashew nut fruit separator is a machine specifically designed to remove the cashew nut from the cashew apple. It typically operates by mechanical or pneumatic means to separate the nut from the fruit without causing damage to the nut kernel.

The cashew nut fruit separator works by applying pressure or using mechanical force to crack open the cashew apple and separate the nut. The separated cashew nuts can then be further processed for drying, roasting, and shelling.

By using a cashew nut fruit separator, the harvesting process becomes more efficient and less labor-intensive. It reduces the manual effort required to separate the nuts from the cashew apple, which can be time-consuming and tedious when done manually.

It’s worth noting that the cashew nut fruit separator is just one part of the overall cashew harvesting and processing process. Other steps, such as collection, cleaning, drying, and further processing, are typically involved in the complete processing of cashew nuts.

So, while the cashew nut fruit separator is not the primary machine used for harvesting cashew nuts, it plays a crucial role in the post-harvest processing stage by facilitating the separation of the nuts from the cashew apples, making it an integral part of the cashew harvesting and processing machinery.

Cashew Harvesting Machines :

Cashew harvesting machines play a significant role in the cashew industry by improving efficiency, reducing labor costs, and enhancing the overall quality of cashew nuts. Here are some key reasons why cashew harvesting machines are important in the cashew industry:

Increased Efficiency: Cashew harvesting machines automate the process of collecting cashew nuts, allowing for faster and more efficient harvesting. These machines can shake the branches or use other methods to dislodge the ripe cashew nuts from the tree, significantly reducing the time and effort required compared to manual harvesting.

Labor Cost Reduction: Manual harvesting of cashew nuts can be labor-intensive and time-consuming. Cashew harvesting machines help reduce the dependence on manual labor, leading to cost savings for cashew processors. By replacing or minimizing the need for manual labor, harvesting machines contribute to increased productivity and operational efficiency.

Improved Harvest Quality: Cashew harvesting machines are designed to handle the cashew nuts with care, minimizing damage to the nuts and ensuring better overall harvest quality. By employing appropriate shaking or collection mechanisms, these machines reduce the risk of bruising, crushing, or contamination during the harvesting process. This leads to higher-quality cashew nuts and increased market value.

Enhanced Yield: Harvesting machines can improve the yield of cashew nuts by effectively dislodging and collecting ripe nuts from the trees. They can reach heights and positions that may be difficult for manual harvesters, resulting in a more thorough and comprehensive collection of cashew nuts. This can maximize the yield from cashew orchards and contribute to higher production volumes.

Time Savings: Cashew harvesting machines significantly reduce the time required for harvesting, particularly for large-scale cashew plantations. They can cover more trees and collect a larger quantity of cashew nuts in a shorter period. This time-saving aspect allows for quicker processing, reduced post-harvest losses, and improved overall efficiency in the supply chain.

Scalability and Productivity: Cashew harvesting machines are scalable and can be used in various sizes of cashew plantations or orchards. Whether it is a small-scale operation or a large commercial plantation, these machines can adapt to the specific needs and volumes of cashew nut production, promoting higher productivity and better resource utilization.

By incorporating cashew harvesting machines into the cashew industry, cashew processors can streamline their operations, reduce manual labor, increase efficiency, and improve the quality and quantity of harvested cashew nuts. These machines contribute to the growth and sustainability of the cashew industry by optimizing the harvesting process and supporting the overall supply chain.


Harvesting cashews involves several steps to ensure the collection of ripe cashew nuts while minimizing damage to the nuts and the cashew apple. Here is a general overview of the cashew harvesting process:

Timing: Cashew nuts are harvested when they reach maturity, which is typically during the dry season. The exact timing varies depending on the region and climate. The harvesting period is crucial to ensure that the cashew nuts are ripe and ready for collection.

Manual Harvesting: Cashew nuts are primarily harvested manually. Harvesters climb the cashew trees or use ladders to reach the branches. They carefully pluck the cashew apples, which are the swollen pear-shaped fruits that contain the cashew nut. It's essential to handle the cashew apples with care to avoid damaging the nuts inside.

Protective Gear: Harvesters often wear gloves and use tools like long poles with hooks or rakes to protect their hands and assist in the collection process. The cashew apple contains a caustic oil that can cause skin irritation, so wearing protective gear is necessary.

Collection: The harvested cashew apples are carefully placed in containers or baskets, ensuring that they are not stacked too high to prevent crushing. These containers are typically lightweight to minimize damage to the cashew apples during transportation.

Post-Harvest Processing: After the cashew apples are collected, they are taken to a processing area. Here, the outer shells of the cashew apples, known as cashew apple or drupe, are removed. This process is usually done manually or with the help of cashew nut fruit separators or de-husking machines.

Drying: The cashew nuts, still encased in their inner shell, are spread out in a single layer to dry in the sun or using mechanical drying methods. Drying helps reduce moisture content and prevents mold or fungal growth.

Storage and Further Processing: Once the cashew nuts are fully dried, they are stored in a cool, dry place to maintain their quality. The cashew nuts can be further processed by roasting, shelling, and grading before being packaged for sale.

While manual harvesting is the most common method, there are ongoing developments in mechanized cashew harvesting. However, due to the unique nature of cashew trees and their fruit growth, fully mechanized harvesting processes are not widely adopted in the cashew industry at present.

Careful manual harvesting, followed by appropriate post-harvest processing, ensures the collection of high-quality cashew nuts and contributes to the success of the cashew industry.



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