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IBR Quality Cashew Boiler Machine Price Best in Market made out of Steel.

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    Wood and cashew shell fired boiler

    Cashew Boiler Machine Price

    TTQ Co. Ltd. supplies Safe and Reliable Cashew Boiler Machine at competitive price in different capacities fired using wood and cashew shells. 

    cashew boiler machine price

    Different Capacities

    Cashew Machine Boiler comes with different capacities starting from 300 Kg Per Hour.

    empty cashew shell boiler

    Wood and Empty Cashew Shells as fuel

    Our boiler come with wood and empty cashew shells as the fuel. This helps to reduce cost and also dispose of the empty cashew shells.

    cashew boiler

    Industrial Built Quality

    Robust design and made with good quality steel to offer stability and rigidity. Providing utmost safety to the operator.

    cashew boiler safety valves

    Safety Valves

    Our boiler come with all the necessary safety devices and values for pressure and temperature.

    How to Choose the Right Cashew Nut Steam Boiler and Everything You Need to Know About Them

    We will provide you information and guidance on selection of optimum cashew boiler machines.

    A quick look at cashews and why they need to be cooked in a certain way

    Cashews are a type of nut that grows in the Amazon basin. The height of a cashew tree can range from 10 to 25 feet. Cashew trees can pollinate themselves and make a fruit that looks like an apple.

    Cashews need to be cooked in a special way because they contain an acid called urushiol, which can cause rashes if it touches the skin. This acid is in the nut’s shell and skin, and it can get into other foods if they aren’t cooked right.

    cashew boiling process
    empty cashew shells

    Different kinds of Cashew Steam Boiler

    There are a few different kinds of cashew boilers on the market right now. They come in different sizes, shapes, and prices, so you should know what you want before you buy one. This guide will help you find the best boiler for your needs and your budget. Boiler are machines that heat water or steam to make steam or hot water. There are different kinds of boiler, like gas, oil, electric, hybrid, and biomass.

    The boiler most often used in the cashew industry is one that is heated by a mix of empty cashew shells and wood, which is usually taken from the forests.

    Cashew Boiler

    Cashew shells have a lot of oil and a lot of calories, so they can be used as a good source of fuel. Getting rid of the empty cashew shells is a big problem for everyone who works with cashews. If these shells are not thrown away properly, they can get into the water and other foods. In the cashew business, it is common to use these shells as fuel in the boiler. The only downside is the darker smoke made when cashew shells are burned. It might not be a big deal in the country, but it is a big deal in cities and semi-cities. Many people in power might now let this happen.

    The benefits of using cashew shells as boiler fuel are:

    – They are easy to get because factories process cashew nuts

    – They save a lot of money on fuel costs

    – They have a high calorific value

    -They can be burned instead of being thrown away.


    – The chimney let out smoke that was darker.

    – Will need more machines to clean up the smoke before letting it out into the air.

    – Some city governments might not let this happen.

    Most cashew factories are in rural areas near forests, which makes getting wood easier. Most of the time, you can’t use gas to heat the boiler for the same reason. Electric boiler aren’t used very often in the cashew business because they aren’t as cost-effective as boiler that run on wood, biomass, or cashew shells.

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    cashew boil
    small capacity cashew boiler

    How much should a good Cashew Boiler cost?

    When choosing a boiler, price is a very important factor. It’s usually not a problem for bigger factories, but it can be a problem for smaller to medium-sized cashew processing units.

    Price will, of course, depend on how much capacity is needed, but it will also be affected by other things.

    – Size of nut boiler machine asked for.

    – Adding the water pumps and the standby pump.

    – Safety features were added to the design as a whole.

    – A way to get rid of the dust and other particles in the smoke.

    – The Chimney Being There

    – How long the chimney is?

    – What kind of building materials were used.

    One of the most important and underappreciated things in a factory is the safety equipment used to control the pressure in the boilers. This is a high-pressure machine that burns a lot of fuel, so it is very important to have the right safety features.

    small capacity cashew boiler

    The quality of the boiler and the materials it is made of are also important. It shouldn’t crack or break when the steam boiler pressure is put on it. Some cheap nut boiler machine manufacturers who make the body out of very thin, low-quality materials, which puts the operator and the cashew machinery plant in danger. Many accidents have been reported in cashew machines factory due to use of such low grade steam boiler when they have blasted killing operators and workers.

    Cashew Boiler Blast

    Cashew Nut Steam Boiler - Best Price in the Market

    How to Choose the Best Cashew Boiler Machine at an Affordable Price from TTQ Co. Ltd.

    Why Do You Need a Cashew Boiler Machine?

    Cashew nuts are not fit to eat without being steamed first. The Cashew Boiler Machine makes steam, which is used for this steaming/cooking.

    In addition to urushiol, which can irritate the skin, cashew shells have two other parts that are dangerous to eat because they are poisonous. Anacardic acid can cause rashes in the same way that urushiol can, and phenolic resin is sometimes found in insecticides. Even if you take the shell off, you shouldn’t eat raw cashews because the oils in the shells could get into the seed and make you sick. Before cashews can be eaten by people, they go through a process called “steaming,” which gets rid of the oils in the nuts.

    There is no way to process cashews without a Cashew Nut Boiler.

    Ask yourself these three questions before you buy a cashew boiler machine.

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    1. The quantity of Raw Cashew Nuts being processed.

    First, you need to know how many raw cashew nuts you want to process. This is the most important factor in figuring out how big your cashew boiler needs to be. You can process 2 tonnes, 5 tonnes, 10 tonnes, 20 tonnes, 50 tonnes, or 100 tonnes of raw cashew nuts every day. Our Sales engineer can help you out with this.

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    2. Number of Cashew Steaming Machines used ?

    First, you need to know how many raw cashew nuts you want to process. This is the most important factor in figuring out how big your cashew boiler needs to be. You can process 2 tonnes, 5 tonnes, 10 tonnes, 20 tonnes, 50 tonnes, or 100 tonnes of raw cashew nuts every day. Our Sales engineer can help you out with this.

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    3. How many rooms are used to dry cashew kernels?

    Some of the steam from the cashew boiler machine goes to the rooms where the cashews are dried. Here, the cashew kernels are dried for 12 to 14 hours before they go to a machine that peels off their skin. Here, steam is used to heat the air in the chamber, which is moved around by fans. This dries the kernels and makes it easier to peel off the skin.

    Automatic Cashew Nut Plant and Modern Cashew Nut Processing Unit.

    Talk to our Sales Engineer about how to find the right size of boiler at the best cashew boiler machine price.

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