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Cashew Nut Shelling Machine Design | Cashew Shelling Machine

Cashew nut shelling machines are designed to efficiently remove the outer shell of the cashew nut without damaging the kernel inside. The design of these machines can vary depending on the manufacturer and the type of shelling process used. Here are some common design features of cashew nut shelling machines:


A hopper is a container at the top of the machine where the raw cashew nuts are loaded. The size of the hopper varies depending on the capacity of the machine.


The feeder is responsible for feeding the raw cashew nuts into the shelling machine. It is usually located at the bottom of the hopper and is designed to prevent overfeeding.

Shelling Chamber:

The shelling chamber is the part of the machine where the actual shelling takes place. It is designed with sharp blades or rollers that crack the hard outer shell of the cashew nut without damaging the kernel inside.

Shell Seperator:

After the shell is cracked, it needs to be separated from the kernel. This is usually done using a shell separator that uses airflow or mechanical methods to separate the shell from the kernel.

Kernel Collection:

Once the shells are removed, the kernels are collected in a separate container or conveyor belt.

Control Panel:

Most cashew nut shelling machines come equipped with a control panel that allows the operator to adjust the speed and settings of the machine.

The design of cashew nut shelling machines is continuously evolving to improve efficiency and reduce the risk of kernel damage during the shelling process. Some newer designs use infrared sensors and computer vision technology to automatically detect and sort defective kernels, resulting in a higher yield of high-quality cashew nuts. Additionally, some machines have integrated dust collection systems to reduce dust and debris during the shelling process, improving the overall safety and hygiene of the workplace.

Cashew Nut Shelling Machine Design
Cashew Nut Shelling Machine Design

Cashew nut shelling is the most labor-intensive process in the entire cashew processing factory. Manual shellers use gloves to protect their hands from CNSL, which can corrode the skin. They also apply wood ash and coconut oil to their hands.

Using the best cashew cutting machine will save a lot of time and money for the processors. It will improve the quality of whole kernels, which is important to a successful cashew nut processing business.

A cashew shelling machine is a piece of machinery that helps to reduce the manual labor involved in cashew processing. The machines can shell a large number of raw cashews at one time. They can also sort the nuts by size. This is important to ensure that the shelling process produces a quality product. In addition, a cashew nut shelling machine can help save money and improve productivity.

Cashews are a popular snack around the world. They are high in protein and have a low glycemic index. They are also good for your heart and can be used in a variety of recipes. However, they have a difficult shell, which makes them difficult to open with common tools. In addition, they contain a special oil that can cause allergic reactions in some people. Therefore, a cashew nut shelling equipment is essential for your business.

The size sorting unit of a cashew nut shelling system is designed to help reduce the amount of time needed for cashew nut shelling. It is also a very useful tool for small businesses that are trying to save on operational costs. It is a high-quality machine that can sort a large number of cashews at a single time. The machine can even sort small quantities of raw cashews.

This machine has the ability to separate the hull from the kernel with a simple blade, which makes it an efficient and economical alternative to manual hand held cutters and mechanized manual cutters. It can also skip the hazardous manual picking of cashews from the shell, which spoils the workers’ skin with oozing CNSL (cashew nut shell liquid).

These high-capacity cutters are made in Vietnam, which is the number-one processor and exporter of cashews worldwide. Several Indian processors are now buying these machines because they offer higher efficiency and capacity. These machines are also catching on in Africa, where established markets like Ghana and Ivory Coast are already using them.

The size of a cashew nut shelling machines is determined by the smallest size that can be cracked by the machine, which is usually between 18 and 22 mm. It is important to choose a model that can accommodate the smallest and largest cashews. The larger sized cashews need more force to break the shells, so you should look for a machine that has a maximum shelling speed of 5000 rpm.

Cashew Nut Shelling Machine Design
Cashew Nut Shelling Machine Design
Cashew Nut Shelling Machine Design

The Cashew nut shelling machine is designed to remove the husk of the cashew nut without damaging the kernel inside. The machine is electric or mechanically driven, and is capable of picking up a single nut from a heap of nuts, aligning it correctly and removing its outer husk. This allows the nut to be fed through the slitting and de-shelling stages without any damage.

The frame of the machine is made from specialized steel or stainless steel, which helps to ensure its durability. The rotary and moving parts are also made of high quality materials to minimize damage. This helps to reduce maintenance and repairs costs and increase the lifespan of the machine. The slitting and de-shelling systems are equipped with cutting and scrapping knives to separate the nut from the shell. This method is effective and economical, and it provides a higher yield than manual shelling methods.

This machine can be used to produce many types of products, including cashew nut butter and pastes. It is suitable for small and medium-sized cashew processing projects. It can automatically complete all steps of the production process, including grading, separating, drying and peeling. It is also ideal for a variety of other nut varieties.

Unlike the other machines in the Cashew nut processing machinery line, this machine uses a new system to feed the cashews. Its hopper is divided into three levels, and the cashews are fed through two sub-machines to separate them from their shells. The separating mechanism is motorized, and the machine has a high output capacity. It is easy to operate and safe for use.

There are several cashew nut processing machines that can be purchased online, but they vary in technology and capacity. The cheapest ones cost Rs 1 Lac, while the most expensive are around Rs 30 Lacs. Some are high-performance, while others have low capacities and poor durability.

The Cashew nut shelling machine has two feeding systems – a solid feeder trumpet and a split feeding groove. The feeding grove is narrow and can only hold one cashew nut at a time, and the movable pusher moves through the groove in a reciprocating motion. This ensures that the nut is positioned properly before the slitting and de-shelling process begins. The nut is then fed through the cutter blades and contoured plates, which slit the sides of the shell and remove it from the nut.

Cashew nut shelling is an important step in cashew processing. It’s essential to ensure that the shelled nuts are clean and free of contaminants. This can be accomplished using a shelling machine that separates the kernel from the shell. The machine can be operated by a trained operator, or it can be fully automated. In either case, the machine can significantly reduce labor costs and increase productivity.

Currently, the manual picking of kernels from a discarded cashew nut shell is done by hand. This is labor intensive, hazardous and consumes a lot of time. It is also dangerous for workers’ hands because of oozing CNSL (cashew nut shell liquid). The aim of this paper is to develop a mechanized cashew cutting and shelling machine to improve the efficiency of the current process.

The cashew nut cutting and shelling machine is available in three different models: automatic, semi-automatic, and manual. These machines are designed to remove the shells of cashew nuts without damaging them. They can handle up to 12 nuts per minute, and they are easy to use. These machines are ideal for large-scale cashew production, and they can be adjusted to suit different output requirements.

This cashew nut shelling machine is easy to operate, and it does not require any specific training. It is an affordable option for small-scale cashew processors in India. It can process up to 30-40 kgs of raw cashew a day for a single worker. It can be used to shell all types of cashew nuts. However, it is not suitable for odd-sized cashews, which must be cut by hand.

In a typical cashew nut cutting and shelling plant, a pedal-operated machine is used to shell cashews. This machine is an ergonomic hazard because it causes awkward standing postures that can lead to musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). Although many small-scale cashew processing industries in India use this type of equipment, few studies have evaluated the risks associated with CNS tasks from an ergonomics perspective.

To reduce the risk of injury to the cashew cutter, it is recommended that workers wear rubber gloves while handling the shells. In addition, it is advisable to apply a coat of oil or wood ash on the hands before working with the nutshells. This will prevent the oozing CNSL from getting into the skin.

The cashew nut shelling machine is a high-performance mechanical system designed for the sorting and shelling of raw cashew nuts. Its design considers the varying physical and mechanical properties of cashew nuts during fracture to achieve optimum cracking and shelling without damage to the nut meat within. The machine has the ability to achieve a cracking velocity of 90 percent, a sorting efficiency of 70 percent, and a whole kernel recovery of 85 percent. It also has the advantage of easy operation and low production costs.

The breaking unit of the cashew nut shelling machine uses a blade to break the outer shell of the nut. This is necessary because the cashew nut shell has an unusual shape and hardness. In addition, the breaking unit also has a special design that reduces vibration and noise during operation. The machine has a relatively small floor area and a large capacity. It also has a low energy consumption.

In addition to separating the shells and kernels from each other, the cashew nut shelling machine can also separate the red skin of the nut from the inner core. This process is very important because it affects the quality of the final product. The cashew nut shelling machine can produce a higher number of quality products than manual methods.

A fully automatic cashew nut shelling and grading line can save lots of labor. It can finish the entire processing process, including nut shelling, separating, peeling, and roasting at one time. This type of machine is ideal for large cashew plantations because it can process up to 1 ton of husks per hour.

In order to ensure the proper functioning of the machine, it is important to check its quality regularly. A good quality machine will have a long service life. In addition, it will be easy to clean and maintain. It is recommended to use food-grade oil for lubrication. The lubrication will help keep the blades sharp and prevent rusting. In addition, it will help to keep the machines hygienic and free from shell oil carryover.

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