Cashew Nut Dryer

Cashew Nut Dryer drys the Raw Cashew Nuts wetted by Steaming Process and helps in easy removal of the Cashew skin (Testa).

Cashew Dryer with Steam

Cashew Dryer

Cashew Drying takes upto 10/12 Hours per Batch. Drying process can be done using the steam from the Boiler or using electric heaters.

Cashew Dryer

500 Kgs to 2,000 Kgs Per Batch

Cashew Dryers come complete with Trays and Trolleys.

Cashew Dryer

Dual Heating Options

Normal pratice is to bring steam form the boiler to the cashew dryer, but if needed we also offer electric heaters instead.

Cashew Drying to keep nuts healthy

These days many processors, drying the finished kernels to keep moisture level lows and cashew kernels to remain hard.

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